Thursday, May 28, 2009

Quincy Jones Tells Amy No, No, No

Amy Winehouse was to work in the studio with Mark Ronson to cover Lesley Core's 1964 hit, "You Don't Own Me." The song was to be featured on  Quincy Jones' tribute compilation. After waiting a whole year to hear a sample of the track and getting nothing, Quincy canceled on Winehouse.

A source told London's The Daily Mirror, "The frustrating thing is what there is of the track sounds really good, but it looks like no one will ever get to hear it."

"Mark tried everything to get her back in the studio to finish it, but he's given up and everyone else is starting to too. Quincy Jones is one of the most respected men in the music industry, so it was a huge honor for Amy to be asked to record for him. To snub him is a big no-no."

There were reports that the mega producer wanted to book the "Rehab" singer for a performance with Michael Jackson. I guess that isn't happening either. It seem Amy isn't consistent with her work. The singer has been residing in St. Lucia and supposedly working on her much anticipated album.

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