Monday, June 8, 2009

Parachute's Interview With MTV U

Parachute sat down with MTV and answered some burning questions. The recent college graduates were featured on the Hot Seat. Here a few highlights from the interview.

What’s in heavy rotation in your MP3/CD player right now?
Parachute: I’d say the new Kings of Leon record is playing a lot in the van right now. Also, Ryan Adams’ new record. Anything Ryan Adams really. We actually just got into Bill Joel – The Stranger is great.

Who are your major musical influences?
Parachute: Anyone who can write a melody is someone I really appreciate. Billy Joel, Elton John, Paul Simon, Ryan Adams, bands like Coldplay, U2, Maroon 5.

What type of college class would you’d most want to take and why?
Parachute: Well we just graduated from college last spring so we don’t want to take any classes right now. It’s done, it’s over. I’ve been there I’ve done that. We all did that, we’re finished with it so my answer is none!

For the rest of the interview head on over to MTV U.


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