Saturday, October 24, 2009

Have You Heard Of Orianthi?

Singer/songwriter/renowned guitarist Orianthi is the talk of the town. After playing with music icons like Steve Vai, Carlos Santana, ZZ Top, and winning the spot as Michael Jackson's lead guitarist for his comeback tour, this 24-year-old Australian is ready to go out on her own with an album that perfectly blends the best parts of pop and rock music - catchy, relatable lyrics, infectious hooks and incredible guitar shredding. For those who still want to know more about Orianthi, check out this 3 minute EPK to watch her dish about how she got to where she is today, her influences, Michael Jackson, and her new record Believe.
Believe hits stores October 26th and features her first single "According to You." Visit her official Myspace page to hear the song and for more information.

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