Friday, November 13, 2009 Reviews Gaga's The Fame Monster

Last night,'s managing editor, Steven Horowitz attended an exclusive l listening party for 'The Fame Monster', held at Interscope Records' NYC headquarters. Check out his rave review of Lady Gaga's new masterpiece.

"Whereas The Fame was wiped with a sheen pop gloss, The Fame Monster takes Gaga’s style one step further. The 8-track mini-album has nary a clunker, with Gaga going from dusky ’80s-inspired glitter jams (”Bad Romance,” “Monster”) to Beatles-esque pop (”Speechless”) to bawse bitch throwdowns (”Telephone” featuring Beyonce, masturbation ode “So Happy I Could Die”). While Monster might be all over the stylistic map, Gaga ties it all together nicely with her disaffected, razor sharp vocals, which shine more on cuts like the Spanish-tinged “Alejandro” and the aforementioned “Speechless”."

You can read the rest HERE.


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