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Top 20 Dancers [taken straight from]
“The truest expression of a people is in its dance and in its music. Bodies never lie”. ~Agnes de Mille
What started as a top 10 list proved very difficult to maintain with an endless number of great dancers gracing the world with contemporary, creative and original dance and choreography.
Dance comes in a variety of forms from latin to hip-hop to ballet to tap; all unique in pattern but equal in difficulty and entertainment.
Here’s my top 20 dancers who have exceptionally entertained us with the art of dance.

20. Jennifer Lopez
Though the Latin diva is not famed for her dancing, not many people know that the Jennifer Lopez began her career as a dancer before going into acting.

19. Tina Turner
Tina Turner always got on the stage wearing big weave, a dress and heels and put so much energy into her dance moves. Her energetic dance style has gone on to inspire many artists, her influence is most evident in artists such as Beyonce.

18. Mya
With formal training in ballet and tap dancing, and street dance, Mya is an all round dancer. Plus her 2009 appearance on Dancing with the Stars further proves that she’s a versatile dancer.

17. Aaliyah
The smoothest dancer we know? Belly tops, baggy pants matched with slick dance moves was the signature style of Aaliyah that the world fell in love with.

16. Justin Timberlake
We always knew JT could dance during his N’SYNC days but he really stood out as a dancer when he broke out as a solo artist.

15. Ginuwine
During his hey dayz, Ginuwine had the looks, the voice and the moves to go with it. Has he still got it? I’ll let you decide, but let’s not forget the swag he brought to Timbaland beats such as Pony and So Anxious…

14. Beyonce
Even though she swagga-jacks probably 80% of her dance moves (only just found out she also copied the Naughty Girl dance sequence with Usher), it doesn’t take away the fact that she is a great mover and considerably one of the best performers of our time. The Single Ladies video was probably the best choreographed video I had seen in a looooong while.

13. Shakira
The belly dancing diva is one of my favourite dancers out there because her dance style doesn’t rely heavily on choreography. From her music videos and live performances, it’s pretty clear that no one can shake their hips like Shakira can!

12. Omarion
The self-proclaimed ‘King of Dance’…not sure if I agree with him being the King, but he is a very talented dancer for sure.

11. Ciara
When Ciara first stepped onto the scene, it was clear that she wasn’t the greatest of singers but her tomboy image and ATL dance style was enough to keep us intrigued with the star. What I loved most about her dance style when she first started off was that she danced like a boy (no pun intended). Though her dancing has evolved to a sexier style, she is still proving why she is right behind Janet in the female dance category.

10. Chris Brown
Let’s look past the domestic violence drama that took place at the tip of 2009 and just remember why we first fell in love with Chris Brown. He is definitely one of the best male dancers out there at the moment.

9. Usher
Musically, Usher hasn’t been able to recapture the magic we saw during the 8701 or Confessions era; however, Usher undoubtedly has the moves and knows how to put on a great performance.

8. MC Hammer
He was one hell of a dance machine! Minus the crazy fashion sense, this dude had moves!

7. Bobby Brown
Before there was Usher, Omarion & Chris Brown…there was Bobby Brown. He was a baaad dancer- I used to love this guy sooo much! He could have rose to be a bigger star than he was, he had the voice & the dance moves…not quite sure if he had the looks but girls still went crazy for him. Let’s reminisce back to the Bobby Brown we all used to love…

6. Janet Jackson
Her 2009 performances may have been weak in comparison to her performances back in the day, but hey what can you ex after all she isn’t getting any younger. So even though she doesn’t dance with the same energy that she used to, there is still no denying that Janet is probably the best female dancer ever.

5. Gene Kelly
The talented dancer, actor, singer, choreographer, film director and producer, is probably best known for his performance in ‘Singing in the Rain’. His creative, show-stopping dance sequences such as his ‘alter ego’ dance performance and tap dancing on skates, made it clear that this man was a dance genius.

4. Fred Astaire
The Broadway stage dancer, choreographer, actor and singer was described by Michael Jackson as ‘the best’. There’s no doubt that Fred Astaire is a great dancer who became an important influence in filmed dance.

3. Nicholas Brothers
Neither Fayard nor Harold Nicholas had any formal dance training but that didn’t stop them from becoming two of the greatest tap dancers the world has seen.

2. Michael Jackson
What can I say that hasn’t already been said about this man? The number of people he has inspired is innumerable. Michael Jackson is a legend and his name will live on forever.

1. James Brown
I had to put the man who inspired MJ to dance number 1. Unlike the hardcore choreography that were used to seeing in music videos & performances today, James Brown just danced from the soul.

To see rest of the videos from each person on the list go HERE

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