Sunday, June 13, 2010

Christina Aguilera's Bionic Out Now!!!!

I bought Christina Aguilera's newest release Bionic. This album is a totally different style than Back To Basics. I LOVE this album and kept it on repeat all week. It's perfect for me to work out to. Christina worked with Tricky Stewart, newcomer Nicki Minaj, and Linda Perry again. Now a days the style to tearing up the charts is dance pop or electronic type sound. Christina keeps reinventing herself, but still staying true to her vocals and sexuality. Christina's voice seems to have matured even more. She still has her strong vocals but she isnt all over the place. Plenty of times I have read that she is always all over the place with her vocals like she can't control them. In my opinion, Christina could always control her vocals, its just how she wanted to express herself at that time. My favorite songs are "Not Myself Tonight," "WooHoo Ft. Nicki Minaj," "Sex For Breakfast," "Lift Me Up" "All I Need" "I Am" and "You Lost Me". I can't forget the beautiful intro "My Heart" that features hubby Jordan and their baby boy Max. The cutest intro features Jordan trying to get Max to "sing like mommy". This album gets a B+ from me.
Don't let me forget Linda Perry once again is featured on the album with credits of writing and I believe producing. Christina can never do wrong in my eyes. She co-writes beautiful ballads. "I Am" has amazing harmonies, I even got chills down my spine at one point in the middle of the track.

I know that I'm not that good with words at times. Just make sure you got listen to the tracks that I mentioned if you don't by the album. Even though I recommend you buy it.



Hello All! Thank you to all of my readers. Thank you to all of the promotional companies and labels who sent me emails and supported my blog. Music Addiction will no longer be running as of today. Hopefully later on I can pick this back up again. For now I have to say goodbye.

Thanks again to everyone who read this and the companies who sent me emails.