Sunday, May 31, 2009

My Bum Is On Your Face!

If any saw tonight's Movie Awards you'r probably wondering was Bruno's (Sasha Baron Cohen) stunt featuring Eminem fake or real. I for one think it was a skit but the audience didnt know. Eminem DID NOT think it was funny. I didn't think it was funny either, I'm all about personal space and that just wasn't right. Who knows with MTV. If you missed it, check out the vid below.

And The Claws Come Out!

Now I think I can say Danity Kane is more than damaged. Dawn Richards must have really been betrayed she recently did a radio interview and bashed Aubrey.

"Honestly, real talk, she cool, I don't like it when people go in like that and try to pit us against each other" said Richards "Me and her [Aubrey] used to be mad cool, real talk, but this is the reality, I think we're all different personalities and you have to be a certain type of person to wanna deal with that, because if you like drama then that's your person you hang with, but I don't like drama so we didn't click long enough to hang."

Dawn then continued to say how Aubrey messed up everyones money.
"My thing is I like to be part of a business, if you're a part of a brand [then] I like to keep the brand good, ya feel me? I felt like I had other mouths to feed so I would never mess up Shannon's mouth, Aubrey's mouth, D Wood's mouth, and when you start messin' up my money and my home then I have a problem, that was my issue with Aubrey."
Aubrey responded to Dawn's rant:
"It had nothing to do with her personality, who she is, she's a talented girl, but when you're missin' shows and fans are paying for you and you're the star of the group, I knew it and I was cool with it I was riding the ticket you know, but when you're the star and you don't show up and people know you're not comin', you're messin' up the money you know, that's a problem."
And Aubrey's response:
I missed a total of 3 shows during the time I performed on BWAY! Never for my entire career with DK did I miss even a meet and greet. The days I missed were because I was sick, and so all of you understand what that means when you are in a contract with Six Flags, and actual doctor has to see you, determine you are unhealthy for travel, and then fax over all the details in order for the remaining girls to be able to even get paid. For the record, they got paid for ALL 3 shows! I was burning the candle at both ends in rehearsal and stage performances for DK and BWAY. Diddy gave me his blessing for this project, as he knew the state of DK at the time, and not every member wanted to be there. -Aubrey

Who Topped The Zimbio's Hot Couples List

Zimbio does a couple's Hot 100 list. The list is based on four categories: Success, Attractiveness, Popularity and Staying Power.

Here is the list!
1. Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt
2. Beyonce & Jay-Z
3. Victoria Beckham & David Beckham
4. Gisele Bundchen & Tom Brady
5. Faith Hill & Tim McGraw
6. Will Smith & Jada Pinkett Smith
7. Jessica Biel & Justin Timberlake
8. Gwen Stefani & Gavin Rossdale
9. Johnny Depp & Vanessa Paradis
10. Heidi Klum & Seal
11. Ellen DeGeneres & Portia de Rossi
12. David Bowie & Iman
13. Gwyneth Paltrow & Chris Martin
14. Halle Berry & Gabriel Aubry
15. Reese Witherspoon & Jake Gyllenhaal
16. Demi Moore & Ashton Kutcher
17. Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck
18. Vanessa Hudgens & Zac Efron
19. Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony
20. Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban
21. Leonardo DiCaprio & Bar Refaeli
22. Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes
23. Anna Kournikova & Enrique Iglesias
24. Catherine Zeta-Jones & Michael Douglas
25. Eva Longoria Parker & Tony Parker
26. Jewel & Ty Murray
27. Fergie & Josh Duhamel
28. Penelope Cruz & Javier Bardem
29. Charlize Theron & Stuart Townsend
30. Nicole Scherzinger & Lewis Hamilton
31. Marc Jacobs & Lorenzo Martone
32. Kim Kardashian & Reggie Bush
33. Keira Knightley & Rupert Friend
34. Isla Fisher & Sacha Baron Cohen
35. Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr
36. Sarah Michelle Gellar & Freddie Prinze Jr.
37. Kanye West & Amber Rose
38. Amy Poehler & Will Arnett
39. Kelly Ripa & Mark Consuelos
40. Jessica Simpson & Tony Romo
41. Salma Hayek & Francois-Henri Pinault
42. Rebecca Romijn & Jerry O'Connell
43. Adriana Lima & Marko Jaric
44. Janet Jackson & Jermaine Dupri
45. Sarah Jessica Parker & Matthew Broderick
46. Jim Carrey & Jenny McCarthy
47. Miley Cyrus & Justin Gaston
48. Mark Wahlberg & Rhea Durham
49. Calista Flockhart & Harrison Ford
50. Ashlee Simpson-Wentz & Pete Wentz

Jennifer Hudson Is Pregnant!!!!

Jennifer Hudson is pregnant y'all! The Chicago Tribune reports a baby shower was thrown for the singer on Saturday at a relative’s home in Chicago.

Jen's friend Felicia Fields, reveals, “It was a baby shower, a quiet gathering of friends and mostly family. They’re really trying to keep it kind of quiet. It was a nice time that we had. They don’t know [the gender]. More yellow.”

Congrads to the newlyweds...wait did they get married?

Photo:Marcel Thomas/ Getty Images via MTV

New Music: Amerie - Why R U

This is the first single featured on Amerie's new album "Love and War" out this summer.

Share your thoughts. Love it? Or is it just OK?

Quick Updates: Amerie, Taylor Swift

Amerie's new video for “Why R U?” will premiere Monday, June 8, on BET’s “106 & Park.”

A Dateline Special about Taylor Swift's tour airs TONIGHT (May 31) on NBC. Check your local listings for the time.

Morning Video: SoulDecision - Faded

I had to feature this as a morning video! This will bring back memories. My friends found a Now 5 CD in a friend's car. This song sparked so many memories and I even remember the some lyrics. Check it out!

Miley Says Lady GaGa Is The Real Hannah Montana

Disney queen, Miley Cyrus tweeted saying, “I went from hating to obsessing! I looove Lady Gaga! Lady Gaga reminds me of Hannah Montana. She’s like a normal songwriter/producer and then she has a double life as a popstar shes real life Hannah Montana.”

Say what? What do you make of this comment?

2009 MTV VMA's In Japan

The 2009 MTV Video Music Awards Japan was held on Saturday at the Saitama Super Arena. Ciara performed “Love Sex Magic” in a skintight bodysuit. The Black Eyed Peas also performed along with Sean Garret. The Beastie Boys were presenters.


Christina Aguilera Loves Jewels!

Christina Aguilera hosted the 2009 collection launch for jeweler Stephen Webster at TAO night club in Las Vegas on Friday.

The 28-year-old diva has always been a fan and said, “As a fellow artist, I’m always inspired by the jewelry Stephen creates each season,” Christina has said. “I’m in awe of the intricacies of his designs, and while each collection evolves from the last, he always stays true to his signature glam-rock style.”

Photo: JJ via ONTD

Demi Lovato Shoots New Video

Demi Lovato filmed the music video for "The Gift of a Friend” at a park in LA on Friday.

The 16-year-old star tweeted about the vid saying, “Shot the very girly/ fairy-esque music video for the theme song of the newest Tinkerbell movie.. ‘The Gift Of A Friend.’ Wow… FINALLY wrapped! Such a long day. Feels good to sit down. Haha.”

Photo:JJ jr via ONTD

Ashley Tisdale Performs "It's Alright, It's Ok"

Ashley Tisdale jetted to Germany to perform her new single, "It's Alright, It's Ok" at the Comet Awards. There a pretty long intro in German so skip to 30 second mark if you don't understand that language.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

New Video: Kristinia DeBarge - Goodbye


Friday, May 29, 2009

Black Eyed Peas Makes A Deal With Target

Target to Release Special Deluxe Version of The Black Eyed Peas’ New Album, The E.N.D
Featuring Exclusive Songs, Remixed Hits and Exclusive Enhanced Video Content

Reaffirming its commitment to providing guests exclusive content at a great value, Target is partnering with three time GRAMMY® award winning group The Black Eyed Peas on their new collection The E.N.D, which stands for “The Energy Never Dies.” A deluxe version of the album, available only at Target and, includes four exclusive songs, six exclusive remixed hits and exclusive video content. The special collection will be available at all Target stores nationwide and beginning June 9.

“Working with Target to provide this deluxe version of our new album has allowed us to do something special for our fans after years of support,” said of The Black Eyed Peas. “We were really excited to get back into the studio to record the new songs, plus remix some of our favorite tunes for Target, and hope everyone enjoys this exclusive version. Remember The Energy Never Dies and this is only the beginning.”

Have you entered the BEP Boom Boom Pow contest? You can enter to win a Black Eyed Peas Boom Boom Pow Megamix E.P.? Check out the Contests section for details.


Behind The Scenes: Esmee Denters - Outta Here Music Video

Check out a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Esmee Denters' video for "Outta Here." Watch the Dutch songstress talk about the different scenes in the video and how they came together to make the final product. The Justin Timberlake and Polow Da Don produced track is available on iTunes now.

Idol Judge Outs Adam Lambert?

American Idol judge Kara DioGuardi thought she should mention her thoughts on Adam Lambert's sexuality while on The View.

"I don't think that Adam was ever in the closet," she said of 27-year-old Idol alum, "I think he was always openly out."

Barbara Walters asked her if Adam's shocking loss could have been connected to his perceived sexuality, Kara said, "I hope not. Because we should be judging on talent and viability in the music industry, and they both had that."

I don't think anyone should mention if he's in the closet or not. It's no ones business.

What do you think of Kara DioGuardi talking about Adam being in the closet or not?

Britney Shoots Music Video

Britney's latest single is "Radar." The pop star is shooting the video in Santa Barbara. The shoot involved about 100 people including dancers, security, and crew. Sean & Jayden were even there to support mommy. 

Based on the song, I don't know what to expect from seeing this pictures.


New Video: DAY 26 - Stadium Music

This is the second single off their sophomore album, "Forever In A Day."

J.Lo's Working On A Movie!

Jennifer Lopez was beaming after getting a visit from her daughter Emme, 16 months, on the L.A. set of her latest movie, The Back-Up Plan, on Friday.

The 39-year-old mom and husband Marc Anthony shared dinner at Cecconi’s in West Hollywood earlier this week.

Photo:PacificCoastOnline via JJ

New Video: Lady GaGa - Paparazzi

Black Eyed Peas 'Boom Boom Pow' Giveaway!!!!!

Black Eyed Peas’ single “Boom Boom Pow” has taken over the charts since its release. Not only have fans taken a liking to the song but other artists have as well. (Check out the track listing below)

Click the link below to submit your awesome comment!

Enter as many times as you would like! Giveaway ends June 8 at 11:59pm ET.

Track List:
1. Boom Boom Pow (Clean Radio Edit) 3:40
2. Boom Boom Pow (Dirty Club Version) 4:14
3. Boom Boom Pow (David Guetta's Electro Hop Remix) 4:06
4. Boom Boom Pow (DJ Will I.Am Remix) 4:16
5. Boom Boom Pow (DJ Ammo Poet Named Life Remix) 5:47
6. Boom Boom Pow (Zuper Blahq Remix Ft Kid Cudi) 3:41
7. Boom Boom Pow (Boys Noize Remix Ft 50 Cent) 3:33
8. Boom Boom Pow (Boys Noize Remix Ft Gucci Mane) 3:13

Stream DMB New Album On Pandora!!

Dave Matthews Band will release Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King, the highly anticipated album following the death of band member Leroi Moore, on June 2. The album, a tribute to Moore, will be the band's first studio album in 4 years and will include the newly released single "Funny the Way It Is." Rolling Stone's four star review states that Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King producer Rob Cavallo "has brought some of the classic-rock edge of his hit records with Green Day and My Chemical Romance to Matthews' arena-size spin on early-Seventies Traffic." Those who are awaiting the album's release on June 2 can now stream the complete album at

Watch Dave Matthews Band live on June 1 as they stream the band's live in concert at New York's Beacon Theatre. For more information on Dave Matthews Band, including tour dates, visit

You can pre-order the album on iTunes NOW!


Demi Lovato Announces Album Title

Demi Lovato has announced the title of her new album via her Twitter account! Her sophomore release will be called "Here We Go Again," and it is due out in July. Catch Demi on tour this summer with special guests David Archuleta, Jordan Pruitt and KSM where she promises to play some songs from the new record


Andrew of Jack's Mannequin Shares 5 Thins About Himself

Andrew McMahon of Jack's Mannequin sat down with MTV's Buzzworthy to share five things people may not know about him. In his interview on "The 5," the piano-rocker spilled about some of his current obsessions including "South Park," his dog Doris and his upcoming charitable clothing line called River Apparel. Watch the video below, and also check out Andrew's latest blog on

Jessie James "Wanted" Tank Top Giveaway

Do you love Jessie James' hit single "Wanted"? The rising star just launched the "Wanted" Tank Top Giveaway through her official Kyte Player! There are two ways participants can enter to win: text "Wanted" to 66937 OR visit Jessie's Myspace page and send your email address through the contest form. Watch Jessie's special endorsement video to learn more and see her model one of these cute customized tops!

The sites under MAJOR construction. 


Thursday, May 28, 2009

Asher Roth Takes Diddy's House Slippers

Asher Roth traded his flip-flops for Diddy’s house slippers at the music mogul’s Miami party over Memorial Day weekend.

“I’m doing my entire promo run in these slippers,” he later updates his status on his Twitter page.

Rihanna To Appear In Court Next Month

Rihanna is scheduled to attend a court hearing next month as a possible witness in the assault case against Chris Brown.

RiRi's lawyer, Donald Etra, says his client will be subpoenaed to testify at Chris Brown's hearing on June 22.

Earlier this week a judge denied to grant the motion by Chris Brown's attorney to require the LAPD to release the confidential record to determine who leaked the photo of Rihanna's beaten face to the media.

Breezy has already pleaded not guilty to assault and criminal threats charges from the early February incident.

Quincy Jones Tells Amy No, No, No

Amy Winehouse was to work in the studio with Mark Ronson to cover Lesley Core's 1964 hit, "You Don't Own Me." The song was to be featured on  Quincy Jones' tribute compilation. After waiting a whole year to hear a sample of the track and getting nothing, Quincy canceled on Winehouse.

A source told London's The Daily Mirror, "The frustrating thing is what there is of the track sounds really good, but it looks like no one will ever get to hear it."

"Mark tried everything to get her back in the studio to finish it, but he's given up and everyone else is starting to too. Quincy Jones is one of the most respected men in the music industry, so it was a huge honor for Amy to be asked to record for him. To snub him is a big no-no."

There were reports that the mega producer wanted to book the "Rehab" singer for a performance with Michael Jackson. I guess that isn't happening either. It seem Amy isn't consistent with her work. The singer has been residing in St. Lucia and supposedly working on her much anticipated album.

New Video: The Dream - Walkin On The Moon

Wanna know what the future will be like? Just ask The-Dream. The singer takes you to the year 2085 in his new video, "Walkin' on the Moon." This is the third single off Love Vs. Money.

Kris Allen On Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

Quick Updates: Parachute, Soulja Boy, Kate Voegele, Eminem

This Saturday May 30th, Parachute is schedule to take the stage of 'The CBS Early Show'. The band will perform their two hit singles,“She Is Love” and “Under Control.” Check your local listings for times and channels, and be sure to tune in!

Check out Soulja Boy's 'I Got Mojo' street video shot by DJ Whoo Kidd's RadioPlanet TV in Times Square, NYC.

Kate Voegele took some time on her current "Lift Me Up" tour to record a guitar lesson for her single "99 Times." Check out the video HERE

After 5 years of being silent, Eminem comes back and tops the charts! Relapse, sold 608,000 copies last week, claiming the No. 1 spot on the Billboard 200 and became the biggest weekly sales total of the year for any album. It's the best seller since AC/DC's "Black Ice," which moved 784,000 copies last October.

Congrad to Em!!!

Help The Ones Who Can't Speak

I'm raising money for the animals! Are you an animal lover? I need YOU to help the animals with me. You don't have to spend a dime! All you have to do is help donate and Colgate (my sponsor) will pay.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Cover Song: Chrisette Michele - Don't Speak

Chrisette Michele covers No Doubt’s “Don’t Speak” but gives it a soulful twist.

2009 BET Award Nominations

2009 BET Awards Nominations: 

Video of the Year:
Beyonce Knowles - "If I Were a Boy"
Beyonce Knowles - "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)"
Jamie Foxx feat. T-Pain - "Blame It"
T.I. feat. Rihanna - "Live Your Life"
Kanye West - "Heartless"

Best Male R&B Artist:
Jamie Foxx
Ryan Leslie

Best Female R&B Artist:
Beyonce Knowles
Keyshia Cole
Keri Hilson
Jennifer Hudson
Jazmine Sullivan

Best Male Hip-Hop Artist:
Lil Wayne
Rick Ross
Kanye West
Young Jeezy

Best Female Hip-Hop Artist:
Lil Mama

Best Group:
GS Boyz
The Roots
Three 6 Mafia

Best New Artist:
Keri Hilson
Kid Cudi
Ryan Leslie
Jazmine Sullivan

Viewer's Choice:
Beyonce Knowles - "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)"
Keri Hilson feat. Lil Wayne - "Turnin' Me On"
Lil Wayne - "A Milli"
Soulja Boy feat. Sammie - "Kiss Me Thru the Phone"
T.I. feat. Rihanna - "Live Your Life"
T-Pain feat. Lil Wayne - "Can't Believe It"
Kanye West - "Love Lockdown"

Best Collaboration:
Jamie Foxx feat. T-Pain - "Blame It"
Keri Hilson feat. Lil Wayne - "Turnin' Me On"
Jim Jones feat. Ron Browz and Juelz Santana - "Pop Champagne"
T.I. feat. Rihanna - "Live Your Life"
Yung L.A. feat. Young Dro and T.I. - "Ain't I"

Video Director of the Year:
Benny Boom
Rik Cordero
Gil Green
Chris Robinson
Hype Williams

BET J Award:
Musiq Soulchild
Raphael Saadiq
Solange Knowles
Jazmine Sullivan

Best Gospel Artist:
Regina Belle
Shirley Caesar
Mary Mary
Smokie Norful
Trin-I-Tee 5:7bey

Getting Ready For "Above and Beyonce"

Beyonce will release Above and Beyonce Video Collection & Dance Mixes, a compilation of music videos and remixed records showcasing the singer’s first foray into electronica.

The hour-long DVD brings together seven of her popular videos, including “Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It),” and her remixed single “Ego” featuring Kanye West.

Above and Beyonce also includes a CD of cutting-edge electronica, featuring remixed hits from I Am… Eight tracks are featured in the collection with production from Dave Aude, DJ Escape, and Tony Coluccio.

The DVD/CD combo will be available exclusively through Wal-Mart and J&R Music World in New York beginning June 16.


DVD Tracklisting
1. “If I Were a Boy”
2. “Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)”
3. “Diva”
4. “Halo”
5. “Broken-Hearted Girl”
6. “Ego” (Fan Exclusive)
7. “Ego” featuring Kanye West
+ 20 minutes of behind-the-scenes B-roll footage

CD Tracklisting
1. “If I Were a Boy (Maurice Joshua Mojo UK Remix)”
2. “Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It) (DJ Escape & Tony Coluccio Remix)”
3. “Diva (Karmatronic Remix)”
4. “Halo (Dave Audé Remix)”
5. “Broken-Hearted Girl (Catalyst Remix)”
6. “Ego (DAC Remix)”
7. “Sweet Dreams (Dance Mix)”
8. “Ego (Remix)” featuring Kanye West

Lady GaGa Cover Arts Revealed

Lady GaGa's next single is "Paparazzi" and wont be out until July 6. Here is the cover art for the single. 

Love it? or Hate it?

New Video: Kanye West Ft. Rihanna - Paranoid

New Music: Pat McGee

Pat McGee has a beautiful and powerful song called "Come Back Home." There aren't many words to describe this song, but Pat said,
"Come Back Home" was written in the wake of me losing my longtime drummer and former Army soldier John C. Williams. But the song started off as a reflection of how a military couple deals with separation. After the release of "Come Back Home", John's little brother was killed by an IED in Iraq. His name was Blake Williams. His platoon used this track as the audio to a memorial slide show presentation they did in March of 2008. It was for all the courageous men and women they had lost in the month of March. I am humbled by their service to our great country and I hope this song brings them some peace. My father served in Vietnam and I truly appreciate their dedication and bravery."

Pat's latest release is "These Days (The Virginia Sessions)" and is available on iTunes.

Paramore Re-Releases All We Know Is Falling

Paramore's debut album All We Know Is Falling been re-released exclusively on iTunes as a Deluxe Edition. You get the entire 2005 album, two live songs and three music videos (one of which was previously unavailable on iTunes). Click HERE to download it now!

To celebrate the Deluxe Edition of All We Know Is Falling, we've added Paramore's first music video for 'All We Know' to the band's MySpace and site. Click HERE to watch the video and see how far Paramore have come in the 4 years since the album's release.


Behind The Scenes: Kristinia DeBarge - Goodbye

Kristinia Debarge Behind The Scenes of Goodbye Music Video

Lady GaGa Covered In Bubbles For Rolling Stone

Lady GaGa covers Rolling Stone magazine in nothing but bubbles. The star said she nearly cried when she was asked to be on the cover of the magazine.

GaGa also said, “I don’t feel like I look like the other perfect little pop singers,” she tells Rolling Stone. “I think I’m changing what people think is sexy.” 

Check out a Behind The Scenes look of the photoshoot HERE

This edition of RS is out on newsstands NOW!!

Photo: RollingStone

Oh! Guess Who Came Out Of Hiding!

Chris Brown makes a quick video and tells his fans he's not a "monster". He also self promote his album and says that he will have a single out this summer. Take a look at Breezy's video message.

Cover Song: Tony Lucca - I Can't Make You Love Me

I just LOVE Tony Lucca's voice. Check out his AWESOME rendition of "I Can't Make You Love Me."

Love it? Click the link below to get the FREE mp3!

Tony Lucca - I Can't Make You Love Me

Tony will also be on tour with the Benjy Davis Project for a few dates. Check out their Myspace to see when Tony & Benjy will be in your town.

Would You Watch Jessica Simpson's Reality Show?

Jessica Simpson is shopping a new reality show to TV networks. The show, "The Price of Beauty," is a series based on society's scrutiny of women's bodies. A source tells US Weekly magazine, "She and a friend set off on a road trip around the world in search of what people find beautiful and why."

Jess's rep tells US magazine, "Jessica is indeed working on a new show, but network details have not been finalized at this time."

Jess has been criticized so much about her body in the media lately; in a recent Vanity Fair story Jess responded to the media's criticism saying, "It comes with what I do, and I know that every day the media's going to challenge me."

The source says Jess will be hands on with the show and to "picture Fear Factor."

Would you watch Jess's reality show if it premieres?


Madonna To Release Sticky & Sweet Tour DVD

Madonna made an awesome deal with Blackberry. For a limited time only, when you purchase a Blackberry Bold Smartphone, you will get 10 exclusive performances from Madonna's Sticky & Sweet Tour DVD. Check out the video below of "Candy Shop." There are a few links below of other videos from the DVD.

Music /Miles Away/ 4 Minutes

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

T.I Heads To Prison And Releases Mixtape

T.I. checked into a low-security Arkansas prison today for his 366 prison. You can still hear new music from the southern rapper. "A Year and a Day" is T.I.'s “going away present for the streets" hosted by Hoodrich Entertainment’s MLK. The CD will feature never before heard music plus songs from Paper Trail. You can get your copy of "A Year and a Day" on May 29.

1. “T.I. Year and a Day (Intro)”
2. “Don’t Forget” featuring Mary J. Blige
3. “Hell of a Life”
4. “At It All Night”
5. “Make You Sweat” (Exclusive)
6. “Get That Money”
7. “Done It Now” featuring Lil Wayne (Unreleased)
8. “Show Off” featuring Young Dro (Exclusive)
9. “Leaving With Me” featuring Chris Brown
10. “You’re a Freak” featuring Blue Marley
11. “On Top of the World” featuring Bobby Ray & Kanye West (Unreleased)
12. “Still Ain’t Forgave Myself” (Throwback)
13. “I Do” featuring Big Kuntry King and Young Dro
14. “All G”
15. “Collect Call” featuring Mitchellel
16. “T.I. & MLK (Outro)”


New Video: Pussycat Dolls - Hush Hush; Hush Hush

Look for cameos from Carmen Electra and Perez Hilton

Quick Updates: T-Pain, Asher Roth,

T-Pain and his wife Amber welcomed a son into their lives earlier this month.
The auto-tune rapper revealed the baby's name, Kaydnz Kodah Najm, via his twitter page. The 23 year-old also has two other children with his wife, daughter Lyriq and son Muziq.

Show the world that you love college as much as Asher Roth with his new 'college-inspired' line by UNDRCRWN. Log on to now to check out the tees and crew-necks.

Electrik Red's "How To Be A Lady" Out NOW!!

Def Jam Recording artist Electrik Red released their debut album TODAY!! Purchase the album on iTunes or Amazon.

How To Be A Lady Vol. 1 Tracklisting
1. Muah
2. So Good
3. Devotion
4. Freaky Freaky
5. Bed Rest
6. Friend Lover
7. P Is For Power
8. W.F.Y.
9. 9 To 5
10. On Point
11. Drink In My Cup
12. Go Shawty
13. Kill Bill
14. So Good (Remix) featuring Lil Wayne
The girls self promoted their album via YouTube.

Already bought the album? Share your thoughts on your favorites songs.

Jessie James Interviewed By

Jessie James is all over the internet and gets rave reviews. Jessie just finished an interview with Here are some highlights from the interview.

Several sources note that you've been singing since the age of two and that you won your first talent contest at the age of nine. Do you recall the name of your victory song?
Yeah. It's called "I Want to be a Cowboy Sweetheart" and I had to yodel in the song! [laughing] It was great.

In the early years, what motivated you to pursue your musical passions? Was there a family influence or was this all personally driven?
I asked my mom about it. I had heard about the talent show. It was in Baker, Louisiana and they have one every year. I had heard about it through my grandmother. It was in the paper, I guess, and they were just talking about it happening again. I was like, "I really want to be in this contest." So my mom put me in the show. The good thing about my mom is that she was never that stage mother. It was always my decision. She never forced me to do anything that I didn't want to do. "If you want to do it, you can do it. If not, we won't do it." That was a good thing about her. I really wanted to do this talent show and it's a good thing that I did. I love being onstage.

The bulk of the songwriting on your debut album was handled by you. Of all the songs, which do you consider to be the most personal?
"Guilty" is probably the most intimate and personal to me because it's about a guy being out on tour and me, assuming—because he's a rock star—that he's cheating on me. So I'm cheating on him while I'm back at home. It's just the dilemma of the situation and feeling everything, every emotion just not feeling guilty because of my anger towards him, assuming that that's what he's doing. It's a true story and it's probably the most personal song out there, like my diary for the world to see. I cheated on somebody and it's not very nice but, you know, women do it, too.

To read more of the interview go to

Jessie's self-titled debut album is set for release July 14.

Busta Rhymes Performs All His Hits For NYC Crowd

Busta Rhymes performed to a packed crowd at Santos in New York City. Bust brought the fans back to some of his early hits like, "Wooo Ha," "Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See," and "Break Ya Neck".
The event was for Myspace Release. There can't be a Myspace event without guests! The rapper brought out Jadakiss for "Respect My Conglomerate" and MOP for the anthem "Ante Up" Fans left the venue ready to download all their fave Busta hits off Amazon and iTunes to relive the night.

Other special guests include DJs Funk Master Flex of Hot 97 and DJ Diamond Kuts who performed before the show started. Labelmate Kid Cudi was spotted standing on the side of the stage in support.

T.I. Thanks Fans At Last Concert

T.I. reports to prison in a matter of days. The rapper performed for fans at a Final Countrdown concert at Atlanta’s Philips Arena on Sunday.

T.I. told the crowd, “I’m going to stand up tall, head up high.” He continued to say, “Thank you for all of your support.”

The "Whatever You Like" rapper performed his hits including, “What You Know,” “Bring ’Em Out,” and “Live Your Life.” He was joined by Soulja Boy, B.o.B., Maino, and Pee Wee, one of the troubled teens featured on MTV’s “Road to Redemption.” When he performed "No Matter What" he brought his five kids onstage.

Clifford Harris must report to the Arkansas jail on Tuesday by noon. He is eligible for a 15 percent “good time” credit, which would reduce his sentence by 55 days.

Before his exit, T.I closed the show saying, “What I need y’all to do is pray for me while I’m gone. I’ll see y’all in 366 days.”

Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!!!
Enjoy the BBQ, sun, and the beach..if you can!


Sunday, May 24, 2009

Britney Attends Cousin's Wedding In Hometown

Britney Spears left the Bahamas to fly to Louisiana. Britney was a "honorary" bridesmaid at the wedding of her cousin, Laura Lynne Covington (pictured with Brit).

"When her brother walked her down the aisle, she looked stunningly calm and beautiful," says one wedding guest. "She was very pretty, low-key. She was not the center of everything, just pretty and calm and collected.”

The wedding took place at the First United Methodist Church. Jamie Lynn, who was also a bridesmaid, brought her daughter, Maddie, along. A guest said Jamie Lynn and Brit "sat at a table off to the side and visited with local people she knew," says the guest.

"There was no fanfare," noted the guest. "With all the star power Britney and her family command, it was still the bride's day."


New Music: Black Eyed Peas - Alive

Black Eyed Peas released another song while we count down until The E.N.D. album release. Will wrote on his DipDrive blog:
alive is a song about love...

its about a relationship...

when the person makes you feel new...

when the one yoiu love makes you feel like nothing negitive in the world matters...


i am so proud of this songs production...

listen to the layers, textures and elements...


i just love this song...

Lady GaGa Performs For Wal-Mart Soundcheck

Lady GaGa performed for Wal-Mart Soundcheck. Check out an acoustic performance of "Poker Face, plus her other hits.

First Photo Of Usher's Second Child

Usher and wife, Tameka, already celebrated their first son, Usher V. Now they have another son, Naviyd Ely, who is now 5 months old. This is the first photo of the little one. Usher V is now 1 and half years old and looks SO much like his father.

Taylor Swift Brings Out John Mayer At Concert

Taylor Swift performed to a sold out Staples Cencert crowd in Los Angeles on Friday. John Mayer was the special guest of the night. The two played John's hit, “Your Body is a Wonderland” and her “White Horse”.

Ashley Tisdale Suprises Elementary School

Ashley Tisdale performed a free concert at Steck Elementary school in a suburb of Chicago on Friday (May 22).

Photo:Heather Eidson via JJ JR

Morning Video: G.Love & Special Sauce

I haven't done a Morning Video in forever. Hope the sun is shining where you are! Enjoy G. Love and Special Sauce with "Peace, Love & Happiness"

Saturday, May 23, 2009

New Music: - PCD - Hush Hush; Hush Hush

The Pussycat Dolls released another single from their album Doll Domination. Like 70's music? See if you can spot the sample of Gloria Gaynor's classic "I Will Survive." Available on iTunes!

Quick Updates:

New Music: Jordin Sparks - Battlefield

American Idol alum Jordin Sparks is back with a new single. "Battlefield" is the first single of her yet to be titled album expected for release in July. "Battlefield" was written by OneRepublic's Ryan Tedder.

"Battlefield" is available on iTunes

Kate Voegele's A Fine Mess Out NOW!

Here's a behind the scenes video of Kate Voegele recording her latest album, "A Fine Mess".
Studio Recordings: Part 1 (A Fine Mess)

Studio Recordings: Part 2 (A Fine Mess)

Kate's "A Fine Mess" is avaiable on iTunes

Are Chris Brown & Carrie Underwood Recording Together

Chris Brown's singing career may seem down in the dumps after the alleged assault, but Breezy is back in the studio.
The newest rumor to hit the net is Chris is going country!

E! News reports that the singer is considering a song titled "Trapped in a Dream" for his next album.

"Maybe we'll see an appearance from Carrie Underwood or someone like that," said Robert Allen, a writer and producer who is currently working with the singer. "It's that kind of song." Allen also said the song is "just feeling like you don't want that dream to go away. Everybody has a dream and you're in it, but you wake up and you're like, 'Oh, my God.' You feel like you're still in that dream."


Green Day Beat The Censors While Performing Live

Green Day made headlines this week by bashing Wal-Mart for not selling their new album, '21st Century Breakdown', after the band refused to edit it to meet the store's family friendly standards. Now, they're making headlines after ABC failed to bleep out the curse words in their performance. Someone is getting fired!

While the band performed "Longview", ABC didn't work fast enough to stop the 'S' word and 'F' word from getting past the censors.

Just a month ago, Green Day frontman Billie Joe complained that 'American Idol' producers forced them to play their cover of John Lennon's 'Working Class Hero' to an empty room for fear that they might blurt a curse word on live TV.

Clay Aiken Apologizes After Rant

Clay Aiken's ears didnt really bleed when he heard Idol runner-up Adam Lambert sing "Ring of Fire." An Idol runner up himself, Aiken has said he is sorry for his "choice of words".

The singer wrote on his blog that "I obviously meant it as a colorful statement to imply that I did not enjoy what I heard." He also said he didn't mean to "slam on Adam as a person."

He had blasted Lambert's take on the classic Johnny Cash tune as "contrived," "awful" and "slightly frightening." Aiken says he hopes Lambert can forgive him — but adds Lambert probably doesn't care about what he said.

Is Clay really sorry? I felt he wasn't then but maybe is now. I don't like Clay anyway.


New Video: Jonas Brothers - Paranoid

I swear these boys are taken over the world one young girl at a time. "Paranoid" is the first single off the newest creation,  Lines, Vines, and Trying Times, set for release on June 16.

New Video: Rob Thomas - Her Diamonds

"Her Diamonds" is Rob's first single off of her second solo album, cradlesong. The album will be available on June 30.

Friday, May 22, 2009

New Music: Daughtry - No Suprise

Chris Daughtry is back with a new single, "No Suprise." This is the first single off his second album, Leave This Town, set for release July 14.

Purchase "No Suprise" on iTunes NOW

You can also pre-order Leave This Town on Amazon.

Clay Aiken Rants About Idol And The Runner Up

Clay Aiken thought he needed to rant about American Idol runner up Adam Lambert and American Idol itself. There was talk about Clay collaborating with Adam on a track, but I don't think that will be happening any time soon.  A fan asked Clay what does he think about the Idol finale. Clay responded with the longest answer EVER.

"Now that it's all over, and for the record.... I couldn't be happier about the way AI ended this year. I only turn the show on once a season, and only to see what the set looks like each year. This year, I happened to turn it during the minute that Adam Lambert was singing 'Ring of Fire' and, at that moment, thought my ears would bleed. Contrived, awful, and slightly frightening! I wasn't really a fan and found myself surprised whenever folks told me that they liked him. Granted, I never saw another performance (and many folks who I trust said that he was great) but I can't imagine I would have enjoyed it. Just not my cup of tea at all. To each his own. I never saw Kris sing on the show, but whether he was good or not is really relative. It's usually a matter of taste, right? But Idol is not always a matter of musical taste only. It's about the person you like. From what little I saw, Kris seemed likable. (That's not to say that Adam isn't just as likable as anyone.. maybe more so... I don't know) When Ruben and I were standing next to each other every night (many years ago) you had two equally talented, equally unlikely, equally unpolished contestants.... so it really was a matter of taste as to who was voted for. While some may argue that one of us was hyped more than the other, I don't feel that was the case. However, this year, there was an obvious bias. Not even having watched the show, I can tell you that I was WELL aware of the bias from the judges as to who should win. In my opinion, that is awfully unattractive. I don't think I am alone."

If you think that was the final answer. Clay continued on even more.

"In my opinion, it all often comes down to that last night of voting. Until the finale, folks are voting for the contestant that they want to see continue. But, I believe that on that last night, the dynamic changes. No longer forced to choose one person that they want to see win, the audience can effectively vote AGAINST the person that they don't want to see win. In the case of season two this might have happened. There may have been some folks who voted for myself or Ruben because they didn't like the other of us. I was the nerdy little girly boy who some didn't want to see win, so they may have voted for Ruben. I don't know. .. But again, I feel that Ruben and I were fairly matched. We both had our detractors and negatives, but I feel we were both very worthy of being on that stage in that moment, and either of us would have been worthy of winning. The show was different then, and folks made it in seasons 1-3 because they were 'real' people who happened to sing/entertain well. But, somewhere along the way, AI stopped being about real people.

In a battle between David and Goliath, my money is on David!

I think many voters got sick of being 'told who to vote for'. I think many were turned off by the blatant favoritism shown towards one contestant. Therefore, on that last night, they used their votes against a contestant that they were tired of hearing about and for the contestant who had been written off. And, at the same time, I think they voted AGAINST an American Idol that has, for four years now, been more about the slick productions and polished contestants than it has been about finding the raw talent that it did in its first three seasons.

Those votes for Kris were also votes to return the show to its roots of finding 'real' contestants with undiscovered talent and giving them the chance to grow and shine. They were votes that said 'we're tired of seeing contestants who already seem to know it all'.

Will American Idol choose to listen to the resounding and clarion call that those voters gave them?.... 'Enough with the pretention. More Rubens, more Clays, more Fantasias and Tamyras and Kellys please.' My faith has always been in the voters. I think they have gotten it right every year (mine included). It's now up to American Idol to decide if it will finally REALLY listen to the folks that keep it on the air."

If you didn't read the whole thing and just skipped to the end, I don't blame you. I can't understand how he would take a simple answer and turn it into a rant. Is Clay Aiken feeling a little bitter about something? Leave your thoughts on Clay and his whole rant.


Britney Takes A Bahamas Vacation

Britney Spears
enjoys some rest and relaxation from her Circus tour with her sons Jayden and Sean. Britney is on vacation in Bahamas at the Atlantis Resort.

Black Eyed Peas Perform For BBC Live Lounge

The Black Eyed Peas performed an in-studio version of “Boom Boom Pow” and’s solo record “Heartbreaker” for BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge on Friday.

T.I. Doesn't Want To Go To Jail Yet

T.I. is scheduled to head to prison on Tuesday, but he asking for a two week delay. Yes, a two week delay. The rapper has asked to delay the date so he can be reassigned to a prison closer to Atlanta.

T.I is suppose to be heading to Arkansas on May 26. According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, T.I. has asked for a two-week delay to resolve the issue with the Bureau of Prisons.

T.I.'s lawyers said he should be allowed to serve his time in a prison camp instead of a detention facility in Arkansas. T.I. was assigned to the Forrest City prison because he had a prior offense that was designated as a serious violent felony. The prior offense “amounted to little more than a ‘scuffle’ at a mall,” the motion said.

Do you think T.I. will have his way? Or should he just except what he was given?