Sunday, August 31, 2008

Picture Of The Day

Ludacris and Chilli from TLC were at the opening party for LudaDay Weekend, where they will kick it and do good deeds.

Will Britney Appear..The Saga Continues

The media has been going back and forth about Britney attending the VMAs. I say yes, even if she doesn't take part in presenting or performing she will probably be in the audience. Why would she not go? According to OhNoTheyDidnt, Russell Brand the host announce Brit was going and he wasn't suppose to say anything.

Straight From ONTD:

On Russell Brand's weekly BBC radio show tonight, August 30th, he accidentally read out a list of people "appearing at VMA's" he's not aloud to mention. He didn't see it was not to be read out and said "here's some people appearing... Kanye West, Britney Spears -" then was cut off by his people. He later also said Pink was doing a performance.

You be the judge, is Brit gonna be there or not?


Winehouse Was A No Show

Straight From ONTD:

Amy Winehouse is facing legal action after pulling out of a concert in Paris hours before she was due to headline it.The troubled singer failed to show up at the Rock En Seine festival in Paris after she was taken ill at her house in London and was unable to travel to France.A statement posted on the festival website said organisers had decided to start legal proceedings against her because of the circumstances of her cancellation.The statement said: "We were told by (Winehouse's) agent at 8pm that she would not be there, and we were forced to cancel the performance. We have still not been given any explanation of the exact reasons for her absence."Organisers said the singer's musicians had arrived on Thursday and rehearsed the show on Friday morning.Winehouse had been due to arrive at the venue - the Saint Cloud park just outside Paris - to top a bill that included the Raconteurs, The Streets and Kate Nash.The statement continued: "We are very sorry about this situation and share the disappointment of the festival-goers."Winehouse's spokesman declined to comment on the threat of legal action.He said: "Amy Winehouse is currently at home recovering. The illness is nothing serious, nothing that some time in bed and not singing won't cure."Her next performance is on September 6 when she is due to headline the Bestival festival on the Isle of Wight. Her spokesman confirmed that she would still be honouring this commitment.
Photo:John Shea/

Morning Video

My new favorite song!!!!
Lady GaGa - Just Dance Feat. Colby O'Donis

Diddy's Video Blog

Diddy goes on a video rant about John McCain picking his VP. Diddy is clearly upset of John McCain’s decision… “John you are bugging the f— you. I don’t even understand what planet you’re on now. This is the job to be the leader of the free world. No disrespect, I love ya, I want you to live to 110, but what if, God forbid, you got a running mate, you become President. Alaska? ALASKA? ALASKA? ALASKA? Come on, man. I don’t even know if there are any black people in Alaska. John, come on. Sarah [Palin]? What in the hell? ALASKA? You’re bugging the f— out. Sarah Palin, you ain’t ready to be vice president. ALASKA MOTHERF—-ER? What is the reality in Alaska? There aren’t even any crackheads in Alaska. There aren’t no black people in Alaska.””
I had to laugh at this..I was born in Alaska.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

FeFe Dobson Making More Music?

FeFe's Myspace Blog:


Hey so I'm out here in foxy LA and I'm feelin' super pumped! Days have been moving smoothly. Everyday I wake up , run up and down this seriously GIGANTOR hill (my daily workout) - indulge in a totally yummified breakfast and then I grab my pup Pepper and we head to the studio! What more could a girl ask for? ;)We have just started tracking drums and they sound crazy ! I am very pleased! The first two songs we've been messin with are In Your Touch and Black Haired Boy. I'm pretty sure we're starting guitars on those babies tomorrow. The studio I'm recording in is mad chill. Its called Audio Virus X. It has a great vibe and the dude that runs it and shiz is "the man" Ha ! Honestly da man! Ohhhh the other thing thats great about the studio is...Wii !!!!!! I love bowling!!! I just finally got to the pro level and seriously when that happened for me I was in Wii heaven. I need to be better at gettin all strikes so I can whoop some major bum!Hmmm what else?... I looove sushi! Ha! Random I know, but there are some fab sushi places here in Hollyweird! I think I eat it almost everyday. But I gotta stop talkin about it or Ima get greedy and want it like...NOW! mmmmmWell me and my sassy doggy are gonna get ready for bed. I need to be good and fresh for tomorrow so I can make some hot music! Talk to you all soon xxxxxx !

Dont know who FeFe is? Check out her song, Take Me Away

Taylor Swift Is Fearless

Taylor Swift new album Fearless will be released on November 11 and contains 11 tracks all co written by the country starlet. Taylor co produced the album with Nathan Chapman and her first single Love Store will hit airwaves early September.

You can pre-order the Collectors Box set for $75 and CD for $40. The CD is also a Mosaic Combo and fans have the opportunity to have their photo included in the mosaic with Taylor's album package if pre-ordered. The Mosaic is only available to the first 10,000 fans who pre-order. Check out for more info.

PCD Take On The Today Show

Pussycat Dolls performed on The Today Show in Rockefellar Center.

Check it out!

Keri Hilson's Album Pushed Back Again

Keri Hilson's debut album, In a Perfect World…, has been pushed back by one week to October 14th. It had originally been scheduled for September 23rd and then moved to October 7th.

Lance Bass Rehearsing

Lance Bass, from pop group *NSYNC, is one of the contestants on the new season of 'Dancing with the Stars'. Lacey Schwimmer from So You Think You Can Dance is his partner. The 'DWTS' season kicks off September 22nd on ABC.
"Just want yall to know I am very excited to be apart of such an amazing show," Lance wrote to fans. "This will be a lot of hard work, but will be so much fun! My partner is Lacey Schwimmer from 'So You Think You Can Dance'! They could not have picked a better partner for myself!! She is so amazing and kicking my ass in rehearsals!! If you are not familiar with her yet, YouTube her!!"
You can check out Lance's myspace for more pictures from rehearsal.
Photo: Lance Bass Myspace

Christina Aguilera's Inspired

Here's the new commercial for Christina Aguilera's new fragrance Inspire, which will be available September 1.

More VMA News

DJ AM And Travis Barker Will Provide The Soundtrack And Pay Tribute to 25th Anniversary With Katy Perry, T-Pain, Lupe Fiasco, The Ting Tings & More
Set to Air Live From Paramount Pictures On Sunday, September 7, 2008 at 9PM SHARP (ET/PT)
The stars will be presenting at the VMA's as Michael Phelps, Miley Cyrus, Lindsay Lohan, Scarlett Johannson, Ciara, Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, Corbin Bleu, Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner and Christopher Mintz-Plasse have been confirmed to present at the . In addition, DJ AM and Travis Barker will rock the party by mixing live drum beats to scratched records throughout the show. The duo will collaborate with Katy Perry, T-Pain, Lupe Fiasco, The Ting Tings and additional special guests to perform new and past hits to celebrate the past 25 years of music. Rihanna, Pink, T.I., Kid Rock, Paramore, Lil Wayne and the Jonas Brothers have already been added to the list of powerhouse performers at this year's show. As previously announced, MTV's 25th annual Video Music Awards will be hosted by comedian/actor Russell Brand and will air live and only one time in its original incarnation, on Sunday, September 7, 2008 at 9PM SHARP (Live ET/Tape Delayed PT).
Presenters and additional performers for the "2008 Video Music Awards" will be announced at a later date.
Official sponsors of "2008 VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS" are GM, Pepsi, TAG Body Spray, Taco Bell, Rhapsody and Verizon Wireless and Nikon.

Thanks to Lauren!!!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Behind The Scenes!!

Russell Brand and Pete Wentz Behind The Scenes

LL Cool J Promotes VMAs

Here's a new promo for the Video Music Awards with LL Cool J and host Russell Brand

Who's One Year Older?

The King Of Pop is 50!
How will MJ celebrate the big 5-o? “Just have a little cake with my children and we’ll probably watch some cartoons.”
Heres The Interview:


Year Of The Gentleman Tracklisting

Ne-Yo will release his third album, Year of the Gentleman on September 16th.
Heres the official tracklisting"
1. “Closer”
2. “Nobody”
3. “Single”
4. “Mad”
5. “Miss Independent”
6. “Why Does She Stay”
7. “Fade Into the Background”
8. “So You Can Cry”
9. “Part of the List”
10. “Back to What You Know”
11. “Lie to Me”
12.. “Stop This World”

Beyonce Talks about Solange

Beyoncé, Solange, and Tina Knowles were on The Early Show on CBS. B spoke about her admiration for her younger sister and how she has to beg Solange to do a song with her. B mentioned a new album too!!

Ashlee Simpson-Wentz Blogs

Via Ashlee's Myspace:
My size 0 Ashlee Simpson-Wentz
Today I read on a blog that I went to the doctor and he said I was overweight and I cried and went to Planet Blue (because I was blue) and bought 6 pair of size 0 jeans. Now it is ridiculous to read such nonsense about oneself so I thought I was would address this one...1. My doctor says I am right on target with my weight gain2. Have not been to Planet Blue in at least two years3. Love my maternity jeans ..they have stretchy tops it is awesome!4. My closet full of size 0 are being worn by Pete right now and he looks hot in them :)So now that I have cleared that up let me tell you...carrying a child is the most inspiring, emotional, amazing experience of my life. My weight and my pant size are the absolute last thing I am concerned about. I am only concerned with having a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. People who talk and judge pregnant women's weight need to get a life!!!
Peace and Love,Ashlee

Robin Thicke Is Something Else

Heres the album cover for Robin Thicke's new album Something Else.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dr. Dre's Son Found Dead

(AP)-LOS ANGELES - Dr. Dre’s 20-year-old son has died, the rapper’s publicist said Tuesday.
“Dr. Dre is mourning the loss of his son Andre Young Jr.,” publicist Lori Earl said in a statement.
Young Jr., who was named after his father, was found dead Saturday by his mother at their home in suburban Woodland Hills, county coroner’s Lt. John Kades said.
An autopsy was performed Monday, but the cause of death wasn’t likely to be determined for eight weeks while toxicology tests are done, Kades said. Source: Assoc. Press

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

No 2nd Comback Performance For Britney

The rumor has been squashed! Britney Spears will not be performing at this years VMAs. “Britney Spears will not be performing at the VMAs this year. I’m telling you officially and unequivocally,” said manager Larry Rudolf on Ryan Seacrest’s Los Angeles radio show.

Rumor Alert: Who's Breaking Up Danity Kane

Straight From ONTD:
So we’ve been suspecting something was up in the Dollhouse for several weeks now. The girls are never partying together anymore and Dawn had a birthday party that not one of other Danity Kane chick attended. And now my sources very close to the Bad Boy camp, more specifically Danity Kane’s management, tell we’re right on point with the speculations. But it’s not because Aubrey and D. Woods are going solo. It’s because DAWN may be going solo. And the other girls ain’t having it! I’m told that Aubrey, D. Woods, Shannon, and Aubrey have found out that DiddyDiddy has been scheduling only Dawn to do promotional events for Danity Kane, and has been flying her out from Baltimore to him for private meetings. And these meetings are preparing her to be he breakout star and for a solo career. Apparently Diddy believes she’s the most talented of the group and the girls are pissy because they disagree. And they’re mad their “sister” has been hiding this from them. I have the full dish given to me directly from the source’s mouth when you read the rest…
Here’s part of the dish I was given about this drama: To sum it up it’s the girls (D. Woods, Aubrey, Aundrea & Shannon - not as much) against Diddy and Dawn. They found out and believe that Diddy was doing some real shady stuff with Dawn on the side! Not on the sexual tip, but flying her to him for private minutes and whatnot, basically putting together her solo project behind the rest of there’s back. Of course Aubrey has been the mouth piece in how jacked up it is and has rallied D. Woods against Dawn; hence none of them showing up to her bday party or them giving her the middle school cafeteria treatment at the recent party. Of course Diddy doesn’t care, he wants Dawn to be the star (which is why last season of MTB showed mostly her and you rarely saw the other girls) and even now he still has Dawn and only Dawn going out to do promotions on behalf of Danity Kane. If you go to Dawn’s myspace page, so does have some “newer” solo material up…I can’t say I’m 100 on that’s what she has been doing with Puff but it is definitely her own material. Bad Boy is keeping it hush hush because they still want Dawn to seem like the sweet and innocent one, which she may be….but the rest of D.K. are still pretty pissy because they don’t believe she is the most talented and are heated that she would go along with Puff and do recordings, meetings, and press without letting “her girls/her sisters” know about it. Interesting–especially since Dawn now has her own personal publicist Brian (who actually hosted her b-day party for her) and she has been doing all kinds of red carpet events solo lately. I’m told everyone in Bad Boy is trying to keep this drama under wraps but it’s going to “leak” in another month or so. But you heard it here first!

What Cant JT Stand?

Justin Timberlake may be a megastar, but the "SexyBack" singer still struggles to accept his artistry."It's painful for me to either watch or listen to myself," Timberlake told us recently. "But even when you're not fully satisfied with the outcome, that's what makes you hungry. But there is gratification in the fact that you a. make people smile, b. make people dance, c. make people laugh or d. make people make babies."Baby-making aside, Timberlake has a very unromantic take on the acting arena."Acting is a totally different process than music. Music is a study in the romanticizing of human behavior," he explained. "I have found that acting is like the un-romanticizing, that’s not a word, it is the opposite of the romantics of human behavior."Perhaps JT just needs a good love scene, as it seems the aspiring actor only chooses gritty roles like a drug-dealing gang member in “Alpha Dog," a disfigured Iraq war veteran in “Southland Tales” and a hairy, Speedo-wearing hockey player in “Love Guru."

Source: ONYD//FOXNEWSlol

Picture Of The Day

Mandy Moore and her mystery man leaving LAX last sunday.

Return of Maxwell

Maxwell is back. The hair is not. The 35-year-old neo-soul singer, whose smooth voice and good looks have melted fans since the '90s, announced his first tour in six years.The North American tour kicks off in Boston on Oct. 8 and includes stops in New York City and Los Angeles. The live dates will be a "pre-party tour celebration" for the singer's upcoming trilogy album "Black Summers' Night."Maxwell's last album, 2001's seductively funky "Now," followed on the heels of 1998's "Embrya." It has been 12 years since his 1996 hit debut "Urban Hang Suite" cemented his status as an R&B sex symbol.

Complete list of dates:
Oct 8 Boston/Opera House
Oct 9 New York/Radio City Music Hall
Oct 10 Wallingford/Chevrolet Theatre
Oct 12 Toronto/Massey Theatre
Oct 14 Cincinnati/The Taft Theatre
Oct 15 St. Louis/Fox Theatre
Oct 17 Indianapolis/Murat Theater
Oct 18 Chicago/Chicago Theater
Oct 19 Detroit/Fox Theatre
Oct 21 Minneapolis/Orpheum Theater
Oct 22 Omaha/Music Hall
Oct 23 Kansas City/Uptown Theatre
Oct 25 Denver/Paramount Theatre
Oct 28 Oakland/Paramount Theatre
Oct 31 Las Vegas/Pearl
Nov 1 Los Angeles/Shrine Auditorium
Nov 6 Houston/Verizon Theatre
Nov 8 Dallas/Majestic Theatre
Nov 10 Birmingham/BJCC Hall
Nov 11 Memphis/Orpheum Theater
Nov 12 Atlanta/Civic Center
Nov 14 Greensboro/Coliseum Theatre
Nov 15 Richmond/Landmark Theatre
Nov 17 Washington DC/Constitution Hall
Nov 21 Philadephia/Susquehanna Center
Check out his myspace: HERE

Monday, August 25, 2008

New Addition To American Idol

Kara DioGuardi, who's written songs for Christina Aguilera, Kelly Clarkson, Britney Spears, Pussycat Dolls, Jesse McCartney and tons more. She will be joining the judges of American Idol the new season

Another Group Talent Show..


Viewers Get Sneak Peek During “MTV’s Top Pop Group: The Casting Special” Premiering August 28 at 9pm ET/PT

Mario Lopez (host of MTV’s “America’s Best Dance Crew”) is taking the hosting reins for the new live music competition series “MTV’s Top Pop Group” premiering Thursday, September 11 at 10:00 PM ET/PT. Joining Mario in the studio will be backstage correspondent Marianela Pereyra. Celebrity judges and mentors for “MTV’s Top Pop Group” to be announced at a later date.

Following a nationwide search in Atlanta , Chicago , New York , Miami and Los Angeles , MTV will welcome nine of the greatest undiscovered music groups to the stage for a chance to win $100,000 and the title of “MTV’s Top Pop Group.” Each week, a new celebrity coach will come in to mentor the groups on everything from choreography and harmony to style and stage presence. And with dreams of stardom on the line, the groups will not only need to impress the mentors and panel of judges in the studio, but more importantly, the viewers at home, as the viewers decide who makes it to the next round.

For a sneak peek at the nine talented groups from across the U.S. , MTV will offer “MTV’s Top Pop Group: The Casting Special” on Thursday, August 28 at 9pm ET/PT before they head to Hollywood to compete. The one-hour special features host Mario Lopez as he introduces each of the groups providing viewers with a behind-the-scenes look at their audition and their personal lives.

“MTV’s Top Pop Group” promises to be one of the most inspiring performance competition shows to ever hit television. It is the first music competition series for pre-existing music acts rather than individual musicians competing to create a group. Shot on location in Los Angeles , each group will rehearse and demonstrate their unique sounds and skills as their personal l if e stories unfold within the show in front of a live studio audience.

Thanks to Allie

Sunday, August 24, 2008

T.I. Music Leaked

T.I. Featuring Jay-Z, Kanye West and Lil Wayne all on one! The song is entitled Swagger Like Us. The M.I.A. sample from ‘Paper Planes’ is repeating in the beginning.

T.I.'s reponce about his leaked music to MTV:
“Don’t ruin the event. Wait till the cake comes out the kitchen before you eat it. That’s like a kid who sees his toys before Christmas; it takes away from me and I think it takes away from the fans as well. When it’s time, I’mma give it to you. They leaked my record with me and The-Dream [”Like I Do”] too. Leakage is never a problem I have had. I’m not used to it.”
(Support T.I. and buy his music.)

LL Cool J's Baby Remix

Take a listen to LL Cool J's remix of Baby featuring Richie Sambora from Bon Jovi
Baby (Rock Remix)

Britney's Madonna Guest

Britney Spears cameo video on Madonna's Sticky & Sweet Tour.

What Do You Think??

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Picture Of The Day

The first image I found of Madonna from the Sticky & Sweet tour!!!!

Rihanna & T.I. To Perform at VMAs

MTV announced T.I. and Rihanna are added to the list of performers for this year's MTV Video Music Awards. In addiction to Rihanna performing Disturbia, Rihanna will join T.I. for the first ever performance of their collaboration of Live Your Life the new single off T.I.'s album Paper Trail.

Morning Video

John Legend's new video for Green Light featuring Andre 3000. The single is off the new album Evolver hitting stores Oct 28.

Gwen Stefani & Gavin Rossdale Welcome Baby Boy

Gwen Stefani delivered a baby boy, Zuma Nesta Rock Rossdale on Thursday at 12:46 PST and weighed 8.5 lbs. Zuma was delivered at Cedars- Sinai Medical Center in LA same hospital older borther Kingston was born who is now 2.
Congrads to Gwen & Gavin!!!

Cassie's Official Girl

Cassie's new video for Official Girl featuring Lil Wayne. The first single off Cassie's sohpmore album was produced by Danja and the video was directed by Chris Robinson.

Travis' Birthday On Warped Tour

Travis McCoy's birthday was on August 6 and girlfriend Katy Perry presented him with cake. According to the blogger of OhNoYouDidnt, Travis was wasted and threw cake at the crowd. Great way to celebrate your birthday on the Warped Tour.

Stand Up For Charity

Stand Up to Cancer!
The charity single Just Stand Up is available for purchase on iTunes Sept 2nd. This charity single for the 'Stand up to Cancer' foundation featured some of music's biggest female artists vocals for a good cause to raise awareness and monetary donations for cancer and cancer research. The track features: Mariah Carey, Beyonce, Mary J. Blige, Rihanna, Fergie, Sheryl Crow, Melissa Etheridge, Ashanti, Natasha Bedingfield, Keyshia Cole, Ciara, Leona Lewis, LeAnn Rimes, Miley Cyrus, and Carrie Underwood.

Leaked: Keri Hilson Feat. Akon

Mic Check - Keri Hilson Feat Akon
This wont be up long so listen now.

You Cordially Invited To Miley Sweet 16

Miley Cyrus will be celebrating her 16th birthday in mouse ears! "Most everyone dresses up on their Sweet 16. Not me. I'm going to be ready to get in the water and ready get on the crazy rides. That's all I want to do the entire time is ride the rides. I only turn 16 once, so it's going to be an awesome party!" Miley told Radio Disney.

So what's so awesome about Miley's party? "The best part of the party is we're going to recognize some really cool kids from Youth Service America who are giving back to their community. That's so awesome because I think it's really important for kids like us to volunteer."

You can buy your own ticket to Miley celebration at the Disneyland Resort on Oct 5 for $250.

Check the site, Miley's Party, at 9pm PST on Saturday Aug 30

Photo:AP/Photo, Disneyland via JustJared

Da Brat Gets 3 Years..

DECATUR, Ga. (AP) — Da Brat was sentenced Friday to three years in prison for hitting a hostess in the head with a rum bottle during an altercation at a suburban Atlanta nightclub last fall.
The 34-year-old rapper, whose given name is Shawntae Harris, pleaded guilty to aggravated assault in DeKalb County. Superior Court Judge Gail Flake sentenced her to three years behind bars and seven on probation, plus 200 hours of community service and completion of substance abuse treatment, mental evaluation and anger management classes.
Harris was at a private Halloween party at Studio 72, a club in Tucker, when she struck then-Atlanta Falcons cheerleader Shayla Stevens, who was working part-time as a hostess.
A police report indicated Harris and Stevens got into a squabble after they bumped into each other. Stevens walked away and moments later was hit in the face with the bottle.
She sustained a deep cut to the cheek and some swelling on the forehead, and has a permanent scar on her face as a result, officials said.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Jessica Simpson Beer Ad

Jessica Simpson's new beer ad for Stampede Light. The bottom reads:
“I work out and take care of myself. But I also like a cold beer once in a while. That’s why I made the smart choice with a smart beer. Stampede Light, it’s beer plus.”

Twin Boys For Ricky Martin

Singer Ricky Martin welcomed twin boys via a surrogate mother. His rep confirms, he will take off a year to be a dad and raise the twins. "The children, delivered via gestational surrogacy, are healthy and already under Ricky's full-time care," his rep revealed in a statement. "Ricky is elated to begin this new chapter in his life as a parent and will be spending the remainder of the year out of the public spotlight in order to spend time with his children."

Who's 1 Year Older Today

Demi Lovato is sweet 16!
Photo:Ceebrity-Gossip via

Dave Matthews Band Sax Player Dies

LOS ANGELES (AP) -- LeRoi Moore, the versatile saxophonist whose signature staccato fused jazz and funk overtones onto the eclectic sound of the Dave Matthews Band, died Tuesday of complications from injuries he suffered in an all-terrain vehicle accident, the band said. He was 46.
Moore died at Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center, where he was admitted with complications that arose weeks after the June 30 wreck, according to a statement on the band's Web site. It did not specify what led to his death, and nursing supervisor Galina Shinder said the hospital could not release details.
On June 30, Moore crashed his ATV on his farm outside Charlottesville, Va., but was discharged and returned to his Los Angeles home to begin physical therapy. Complications forced him back to the hospital on July 17, the band said.
The band went on with its show Tuesday night at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, where lead singer Dave Matthews acknowledged Moore's death to the crowd after the first song.
"It's always easier to leave than be left," Matthews told the crowd, according to Ambrosia Healy, the band's publicist. "We appreciate you all being here."
Saxophonist Jeff Coffin, who played with Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, had been sitting in for Moore during the band's summer tour.
Moore, who wore dark sunglasses at the bands' many live concerts, had classical training but said jazz was his main musical influence, according to a biography on the band's Web site.
"But at this stage I don't really consider myself a jazz musician," Moore said in the biography. Playing with the Dave Matthews Band was "almost better than a jazz gig," he said. "I have plenty of space to improvise, to try new ideas."
Lead singer Dave Matthews credited Moore with arranging many of his songs, which combine Cajun fiddle-playing, African-influenced rhythms and Matthews' playful but haunting voice.
The band formed in 1991 in Charlottesville, Va., when Matthews was working as a bartender. He gave a demo tape of his songs to Moore, who liked what he heard and recruited his friend and fellow jazzman Carter Beauford to play drums, and other musicians.
The group broke out of the local music scene with the album "Under the Table and Dreaming." The band won a Grammy Award in 1997 for its hit song "So Much to Say" off its second album "Crash." Other hits include "What Would You Say," "Crash Into Me" and "Satellite."
Copyright 2008 Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.

Brandy Video Blogs

Brandy takes fans on the set of her video for her new single, Right Here

Britney Shares Shape Up Secrets

One good sign Britney Spears is reaching a comeback? Her body is coming back to her Slave 4 U days. Britney is on the cover of OK! Magazine. “I’m the healthiest I’ve been all my life. My diet has a lot to do with my getting into shape. I have no sugar. I don’t eat fruit or even fruit juice because of the sugar. I eat chicken and salmon and rice. I eat avocados. I’ll have egg whites for breakfast and sometimes turkey burgers for lunch. I try to do just 1,200 calories a day. It may sound like it’s not much, but it’s actually a lot of food if you eat the right things.”

What did Brit make sure she cut out?
“Frappuccinos are gone. I do still drink coffee, but just with Equal.”

Brit also makes sure she works out five days a week at a gym outside of her home and sometimes at the gym in her house.


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

J.Lo The Runner

Jennifer Lopez was interviewed in NYC’s Central Park about her upcoming triathlon on Good Morning America on Monday. Jenn will participate in the triathlon for charity, and began training just six months after giving birth. “I’m always interested in challenges, and seeing what I can do.”

You Know You Made It When...

The Jonas Brothers unveiled their wax figures at Madame Tussuad's Wax Museum in Washington DC.

Morning Video

Delta Goodrem - In This Life

Monday, August 18, 2008

Picture Of The Day

Britney Spears leaving Forsight Studio (yesterday) in Los Feliz with sneakers in hand.

Is she rehearsing for VMAs?


Gavin Degraw: Cheated On Me

Billboard’s Review:
Gavin DeGraw's self-titled third album, released in May, reached No. 7 on the Billboard 200, a high-flying achievement for the singer/songwriter, whose previous "In Love With a Girl" hit top five at adult top 40 earlier this year. "Cheated on Me" is perhaps the pop strummer's most promising mainstream bid since 2004 Billboard Hot 100 debut "I Don't Want to Be," the top 10 theme from "One Tree Hill." A live band instrumental stamp, led by guitars and piano, drive a frank, confessional lyric about suspicions of his lady's infidelity: "Am I even on your mind or are you in/Someone else's eyes, someone else's arms." DeGraw's strong vocal skills would be better showcased with less layering, but his savvy as a songwriter, armed with this killer track, should help separate him from the pack and boost name recognition to staple status. —Chuck Taylor

Listen to the song via YouTube:

Wanna Show Diddy Your Talent?

Morning Video

Solange – Sandcastle Disco

30 Seconds To Mars Being Sued

30 Seconds to Mars has been sued by its record label for $30 million. Virgin Records says the band has refused to deliver three albums as required by its contract. The band's last album, A Beautiful Lie, was released in 2005. The lawsuit says the band repudiated a 1999 contract in July.
Enjoy the video to A Beautiful Lie.

Morning Video

Gym Class Heroes Feat. The Dream - Cookie Jar
Their new album, The Quilt, in stores September 9

Attn: Readers

Hey to all the readers,
Posts will be very slow for the next two weeks. I have a crazy schedule and will do my best to post the newest news.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Madge Still Partying at 50!!

Madonna celebrated her 50th birthday on Saturday in London. The young looking Madge and her hubby partied at hotspot Volstead. Guy gave her an awesome gift! He dropped $900,000 for a graffiti artist Banksy to create a portrait of wifey for her milestone birthday.
Now on to bring the Sticky & Sweet tour to fans around the country!

Picture Of The Day

N.E.R.D. (Pharrell pictured) performed at MTV Vibrations ‘08 in Zushi, Kanagawa, Japan on Friday.

David Archuleta's Crush

I don’t watch American Idol but I always know who wins and who is the runner up. I hear this song on the radio all the time. David Archuleta’s debut single Crush. His voice is very mature, if you knew nothing about him I don’t think you would say he's a 15 year old boy singing.

Here’s Billboard’s review:
It's not a stretch to suggest that Sony chief (and former Jive prez) Barry Weiss saved the "American Idol" franchise from top 40 radio demise. Instead of trying to overcontemporize the pageant's pop finalists with ill-fitting R&B production (read: Katharine McPhee), he has carefully aligned acts with material that matches (read: Jordin Sparks). So the prognosis is aces for the launch of season-seven runner-up David Archuleta. "Crush" is a hummable, age-appropriate midtempo pop ditty for the 17-year-old, showcasing his fine mass-appeal vocal stylings with creamy harmonies and some nice falsetto effects. The track is produced by millennium wiz Emanuel Kiriakou, who has worked with Sparks, Jesse McCartney, Celine Dion and Nick Lachey. "AI" has shown renewed radio potency thanks to such super-caliber artists as Chris Daughtry, Jennifer Hudson and Carrie Underwood—along with the democratizing of the consumer vote, via iTunes. "Crush" is likely to put its money where its title is on the charts. —Chuck Taylor

Enjoy the song via Youtube

What Oasis Frontman Said About Amy Winehouse & Mark Ronson

Taken straight from ContactMusic:

OASIS star NOEL GALLAGHER has slammed producer MARK RONSON for covering other artists' songs - insisting he should write his own tracks.The rocker is riled by Ronson scoring hits with tunes including Stop Me with singer Daniel Merriweather - a reworking of The Smiths' 1987 Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before - and his duet with Amy Winehouse, Valerie. That track was a cover of British band The Zutons' song of the same name.Gallagher, who also dismissed troubled Winehouse as a "destitute horse", said during a recent radio interview: "He (Ronson) wants to write his own tunes instead of everyone else's. He needs to learn three chords on the guitar and go and write a tune."

John Mayer Comments On Breakup

John Mayer (hiding behind the hoodie) has been quiet about his break up with Jennifer Aniston and recently had nothing but nice words about Jen. "Jennifer Aniston is the smartest, most sophisticated person I think I have ever met." He would continue to say, “There's no lying, there's no cheating, there's no nothing," John told reporters after working out at an Equinox Gym in New York's SoHo neighborhood. So what happened? "People are different, people have different chemistry. I ended a relationship to be alone, because I don't want to waste somebody's time if something's not right."

Delayed Albums: Keri, PCD

Pussycat Dolls sophomore album, Doll Domination is being pushed back from September 16 release to September 23rd.

According to, Keri Hilson’s debut album, In A Perfect World, as been pushed back to October 7th. The album was suppose to release September 23rd.

Morning Video

Robin Thicke - When I Get You Alone

(this vid is old. i saw this video when it came out and i fell in love with his sound and now..Robin Thicke is blowing up the charts!)

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Happy Belated Birthday!!!

Joe Jonas turned 19 on August 15th!!! The Jonas Brothers are still on tour tonight they are performing in Holmdel NJ at PNC Arts Center.

Who's Celebrating A Birthday?

Madge turns the big 5-0 today!

Vanessa Carlton is 28!!


Friday, August 15, 2008

Brandy is Back!

Brandy's new single Right Here (Departed) produced by Rodney Jergens. Take a listen at her site,
Forever Brandy. Brandy's new album since 2002, Human, will release November 11th and Brandy co-wrote a track entitled, Fall, with Natasha Bedingfield. “Human is my most personal album to date,” said Brandy. “I have grown so much since my last album. Being able to express myself and my journey through my music is a feeling I can’t describe. With this new chapter of my life it feels good to have Rodney, a familiar face, by my side again. He brings out emotions in me like nobody else.”
I looove this song, check it out and leave comments on what you think.

Video Of The Year Nominees

Chris Brown - Forever

Jonas Brothers - Burnin' Up

Pussycat Dolls - When I Grow Up

Britney Spears - Piece of Me

The Ting Ting's - Shut Up and Let Me Go

Yellowcard's Acoustic Show

According to OhNoTheyDidnt, Yellowcard will be playing a acoustic show on September 30.

"Hey everybody! Got some good news... Ryan, Sean and myself are coming to Logan, UT on September 30th, 2008, for an acoustic performance. We will be playing songs from all of the records and we haven't played a show in a few months so we are really looking forward to it! The show will be at the Dee Glen Smith Spectrum on the campus of Utah State University. Doors are at 6:00pm and show starts at 6:30pm. Tickets will be available September 1st, and as soon as we have the link for purchase we will post it here. Hope to see all of our fans in Utah at the show! -Ryan"

New Music: Shiny Toy Guns

Shiny Toy Guns - Ricochet

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Picture Of The Day

Fergalicious out and about in London
Photo: SplashNewsOnline/Celebrity-Gossip

Kid Rock Gears Up For VMAs

According to Kid Rock's Myspace Bulletin:
"Kid Rock is returning to the VMA’s for more crazy and unforgettable moments! MTV has confirmed the badass will perform his monster hit “All Summer Long” off his latest album Rock N Roll Jesus, which debuted at #1 on the Billboard Top 200 chart.The 2008 MTV Video Music Awards air live on Sunday, September 7th at 9pm.Don’t miss it!"
Photo: Kevin Mazur/WireImage via AbsolutePictures

Taylor Swift & Jonas Brothers

While in NYC, Taylor Swift headed over to Central Park to meet up with the Jonas Brothers to film a segment for their new DVD. Just like Miley Cyrus, the boys are releasing a 3D version of their concert on February 22. Since Taylor was a surprise guest at their concert last weekend the boys are including her in the DVD too.

Christina's New Gig

Christina Aguilera has been hired by Donald Trump to entertain his guests at a special event. Trump is celebrating his newest venture, a Trump International Hotel and Tower in Dubai.

Christina was seen recently leaving the Roxy with hubby Jordan, August 13.


Morning Video

T.I. freestyles with Fonsworth Bentley

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Picture Of The Day

Miley Cyrus half brother and member of Metro Station, Trace Cyrus. Metro Station hit the stage Wednesday performing live on Good Morning America in NYC. Prior to getting signed by Columbia Records, Trace worked at a shopping mall in Burbank, CA and dropped out of high school at La Canada High School.

Jonas Bros Promotion From Selena Gomez

Dont you just love the tween stars are all over youtube? Selena Gomez tapped herself and costar on Wizards of Waverly Place, David Henrie. The two go on and on and on for everyone to go by Jonas Brothers album A Little Bit Longer. Kevin was pictures earlier in the week wearing a Team Demi and Selena shirt so why not promote him and his brother right.
Take a look

New Music From Joe

R&B singer Joe returns with Why Just Be Friends, his new album, New Man, hits stores September 23.

Jazmine Sullivan's Debut

Jasmine Sullivan's debut album Fearless, hits stores September 23.

Don't know who she is? Check out her single, Need U Bad feat Missy Elliot

Missy Elliot Album Pushed Back

Missy Elliot's upcoming album, Block Party, will be released at a later date. The album was scheduled to release in September, according to Missy needs more time and is now pushing for a Thanksgiving release.

John Mayer Single Again?

John Mayer catches a plane in LAX and rumours swirl about his love life. Multiple sources have confirmed to People that John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston have called it quits. "They had a great time together but they are just in different places in their lives right now" a source says. A friend of John's adds, "He never ends things with a clean slate. He likes to dwell on these relationships and sort everything out before saying goodbye for good."

This will be good music for John's next album when he decides to record again.

Photo:Celebrity Gossip

Nightmare Before Christmas Revisted

Walt Disney Records will release Nightmare Revisited, a collection of covers and new recordings inspired by the film Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas, on Sept. 30.
Danny Elfman re-recorded "Opening" and "Closing" from the film's score, and Korn, Amy Lee, Plain White T's, Rise Against, Rodrigo y Gabriela and Flyleaf contribute their versions of songs from the soundtrack. The CD also will include the movie trailer as a bonus feature.
The complete track listing is:
1. Overture – DeVotchka
2. Opening – Danny Elfman
3. This Is Halloween – Marilyn Manson
4. Jack's Lament – All American Rejects
5. Doctor Finkelstein/In The Forest – Amiina
6. What's This? - Flyleaf
7. Town Meeting Song – Polyphonic Spree
8. Jack And Sally Montage – The Vitamin String Quartet
9. Jack's Obsession - Sparklehorse
10. Kidnap The Sandy Claws - Korn
11. Making Christmas – Rise Against
12. Nabbed – Yoshida Brothers
13. Sally's Song – Amy Lee
14. Christmas Eve Montage – RJD2
15. Poor Jack – Plain White Ts
16. To The Rescue – Datarock
17. Finale/Reprise – Shiny Toy Guns
18. Closing – Danny Elfman
19. End Title – The Album Leaf
20. Oogie Boogie’s Song – Rodrigo y Gabriela
"Nightmare Before Christmas" has become a holiday standard for Disney - since its first release 15 years ago, it's been re-released in theaters several times in both original and 3-D formats.

J. Lo Covers Self Mag

Jennifer Lopez is on the 2008 September issue of Self Magazine.

Morning Video

Kanye West - Champion
(yes he's a puppet and in the olympics)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Pussycat Dolls New Music

Out of This Club Feat. R. Kelly
Take a listen.

Girlicious Album Cover

According to OhNoTheyDidnt, this is the album cover for Girlicious debut album.
Dont know who they are. check out their video for Like Me

Mike Jones Punched Backstage

Houston rapper Mike Jones gets into a altercation with rapper Trae at the Ozone Awards.
According to Houston’s 97.9 The Box, Trae punched Mike Jones in the face before the show started. Trae appeared as if he wanted to talk to Mike, instead punched him in the face. No word yet on what really caused the fight.

The Cause of Issac Hayes Death

According to a Memphis TV news station, Isaac Hayes cause of death was a stroke. According to the Soul singers doctor, Dr. David Kraus, his death certificate was listed as stroke associated with hypertension. Family members found Isaac lying on the floor next to a treadmill in his home early Sunday afternoon. He was taken to the hospital where he was later pronounced dead. Investigators said there was no indication that Hayes suffered fell or suffered any trauma before his stroke.

Nelly's Brass Knuckles Tracklist

Here's the official tracklisting for Nelly’s album Brass Knuckles hitting stores Sept. 16
1. U Ain’t Him
2. Hold Up (featuring LL Cool J and T.I.)
3. L.A. (featuring Nate Dogg and Snoop Dogg)
4. Long Night (featuring Usher)
5. Lie (featuring the St. Lunatics)
6. Party People (featuring Fergie)
7. Self Esteem (featuring Chuck D)
8. Body On Me (featuring Akon and Ashanti)
9. Stepped On My J’z (featuring Ciara and Jermaine Dupri)
10. Let It Go (Lil’ Mama) (featuring Pharrell)
11. One and Only
12. Chill (featuring the St. Lunatics)
13. Who F---s Wit Me (featuring Avery Storm)

Who Can Carrie Trust?

Carrie Underwood is featured on Allure's 2008 September issue. Carrie opens up about her ex Chase from the hit Gossip Girl, ex Tony Romo and how hard it is to date.
On Tony:
“The phone will ring and it’ll be him, and I’ll maybe not answer. We were both small town people doing very big things, and we relied on each other, dealing with fame.”
Get the issue August 19.

Britney Speaks To OK! Magazine

Britney Spears just did a interview and photoshoot with OK magazine. Brit's last encounter with the magazine, 2 years ago, didn't go very well. This time a source says things went well. Even Brit's father, (who's never really spoken to the media) speaks of her relationship with management, Kevin, and the boys. (To the left you can see Brit's necklace with her sons names on it). The issue hits stands on Friday.

Photo: OK! Magazine/MSNBC

Monday, August 11, 2008

Britney's VMA Commercials

The two versions of the 2008 VMA commercial with Russel Brand. A source tells E! “It was mostly ad-libbed, with Russell asking her for advice about hosting the show”

Support Team USA

Chris Brown, Queen Latifa, Goo Goo Dolls, Nelly, Sheryl Crow, Taylor Swift, & Nelly to just name a few..have showed their support and lended their talent to new music. Each artist recorded a song for the 2008 Olympics and you can download them at iTunes. The proceeds for the music goes to the athletes of Team USA. Heres the website to check out the song and video before you buy it. Team USA Soundtrack

Sean Paul Arrested

Sean Paul was arrested on drug charges at the Uppsala Ragae Festival in Sweden this past weekend. According to, the singer was brought to a local police station on suspicion of possessing narcotics.

Picture Of The Day

Kevin Jonas (and his brothers) leaving their NYC hotel on Sunday. Kevin decided to stir up some drama and wear a Team Demi & Selena shirt. Although Miley and Selena say there are no drama between them. Kevin is showing something else.
The Jonas Bros will be on TRL all week! Celebrating the Jonas Brothers fan week at MTV. The guys will also be at the Virgin Megastore in Times Square at midnight TONIGHT.

Madonna's Son David's Mama Dies

David Banda (pictured with Madonna's daughter Lourdes Leon) was raised by Asineti Mwale in his native of Malawi before being adopted by Madonna. A cousin to David's biological father, Yohane Banda, confirmed the death to People. Mwale or Mama as she was called took care of David after his birth mother died, she was recently bedridden with pneumonia. Asineti was 60 years old.


Lynne Spears New Book

Lynne Spears (mother of pop singer, Britney and actress of Nick's Zoey 101, Jamie Lynn) new book cover is revealed. The book will be released September 16. Through the Storm is a memoir, describing Spears's "story of what it was like being a mom and raising two very famous people" spokeman for publisher Thomas Nelson told PEOPLE in June.
Photo:Thomas Nelson/Eonline

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Isaac Hayes Dies at 65

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) -- Isaac Hayes, the pioneering singer, songwriter and musician whose relentless "Theme From Shaft" won Academy and Grammy awards, has been found dead at home. He was 65.
The Shelby County Sheriff's Office says a family member found Hayes unresponsive near a treadmill on Sunday. He was pronounced dead about an hour later at Baptist East Hospital in Memphis. The cause of death was not immediately known.
In the early 1970s, Hayes laid the groundwork for disco, for what became known as urban-contemporary music and for romantic crooners like Barry White. And he was rapping before there was rap.
His career hit another high in 1997 when he became the voice of Chef, the sensible school cook and devoted ladies man on the animated TV show "South Park."

Taylor Swift's $100,000 Donation

Country sensation Taylor Swift announced in Cedar Rapids, Iowa while on stage she was donating $100,000 to the local Red Cross. "The people in this town have been through so much loss this year, and my heart goes out to them" Taylor told PEOPLE. "They've stood by me, they gave me a sold-out show. You've got to pay it forward in life - that's all I did in Cedar Rapids." Two months ago, Cedar Rapids suffered millions of dollars in damages from the Cedar River overflowed into the town. "Taylor was going to cancel the concert, thinking few people could attend, but the mayor asked her to carry on" a source close to the singer revealed. In January, Taylor donated her pink pickup truck (her 18th birthday gift from her record label) to a youth camp for children with serious medical conditions.