Sunday, May 31, 2009

And The Claws Come Out!

Now I think I can say Danity Kane is more than damaged. Dawn Richards must have really been betrayed she recently did a radio interview and bashed Aubrey.

"Honestly, real talk, she cool, I don't like it when people go in like that and try to pit us against each other" said Richards "Me and her [Aubrey] used to be mad cool, real talk, but this is the reality, I think we're all different personalities and you have to be a certain type of person to wanna deal with that, because if you like drama then that's your person you hang with, but I don't like drama so we didn't click long enough to hang."

Dawn then continued to say how Aubrey messed up everyones money.
"My thing is I like to be part of a business, if you're a part of a brand [then] I like to keep the brand good, ya feel me? I felt like I had other mouths to feed so I would never mess up Shannon's mouth, Aubrey's mouth, D Wood's mouth, and when you start messin' up my money and my home then I have a problem, that was my issue with Aubrey."
Aubrey responded to Dawn's rant:
"It had nothing to do with her personality, who she is, she's a talented girl, but when you're missin' shows and fans are paying for you and you're the star of the group, I knew it and I was cool with it I was riding the ticket you know, but when you're the star and you don't show up and people know you're not comin', you're messin' up the money you know, that's a problem."
And Aubrey's response:
I missed a total of 3 shows during the time I performed on BWAY! Never for my entire career with DK did I miss even a meet and greet. The days I missed were because I was sick, and so all of you understand what that means when you are in a contract with Six Flags, and actual doctor has to see you, determine you are unhealthy for travel, and then fax over all the details in order for the remaining girls to be able to even get paid. For the record, they got paid for ALL 3 shows! I was burning the candle at both ends in rehearsal and stage performances for DK and BWAY. Diddy gave me his blessing for this project, as he knew the state of DK at the time, and not every member wanted to be there. -Aubrey

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