Sunday, June 7, 2009

That's Enough With The Auto-Tune Says Jay-Z Plus New Track

Jay-Z called into Hot 97's Funkmaster Flex show on Friday after he premiered his new song, “D.O.A. (Death of Auto-Tune).”
The rapper spoke of the trend saying, “Let’s move it forward. The guys who did it, did it great. If you listen to T-Pain, he does great melodies. If you listen to Kanye… If you listen to ‘Say You Will’ or ‘[Welcome to] Heartbreak,” they’re great melodies. ‘Lollipop’ was a fantastic melody. Now everybody can’t do it. Let them guys do it. They got their little niche. Now let’s move on.”

Jay is just as tired of auto-tune as I am. What was his reason for recording "D.O.A."? “My intention was just to draw a line in the sand. This is what I do.” He also said that its been overdone, “Those are things that can stand up without it. At this point, it’s like a crutch. Other people may not feel the same way.”

The Blueprint 3 will be released on Atlantic Records on September 11.

Take a listen to D.O.A. and share your thoughts.


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