Thursday, January 14, 2010

Critics Review Sade's New Album

A handful of acclaimed music journalists attended an exclusive listening event The Sony Club in NYC, where they got to hear a sneak preview of Sade's HIGHLY anticipated studio album 'Soldier of Love'. See what some of the writers had to say:

"A diverse collection of tracks threaded together by Adu's mysteriously engaging vocals and the group's relaxed compositions." - Steven Horowitz, AOL Music's
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"The Nigerian beauty can do no wrong, but doesn’t just rely on her legacy when releasing music. It’s clear she delivers her sound with love. I predict this album will be a huge success for Sade." - Clay Cane, BET
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"And after ten years of relative quiet, Sade hasn’t compromised the sound that’s continued to draw worldwide audiences back to the band. Soldier of Love actually picks up the pace of previous releases, adding heavy hip-hop drumbeats into the fold and incorporating bits of various genres like country and slick R&B, playing with conventions as the album segues from one unique track to the next." -
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