Saturday, February 27, 2010

Gaga's Topless Magazine Cover Causes Issues

Lady Gaga recently posed for the cover of Q magazine, which has been banned by several leading stores in the U.S. As soon as I found this article and saw the picture I felt people were overreacting. The singer supposedly walked out of the recent shoot after bosses wanted her to strike a controversial pose to address rumors about her being a hermaphrodite. That right there pissed me off. The first comment that came to mind was to "leave Gaga alone".

The article also states the editors weren't impressed with her demands and various negotiations continued. Gaga reportedly burst into tears and walked out. Regardless of what happened at the photoshoot, the final product isn't that risky of a photo.

Borders and other stores (that the article didn't mention) refuses to stock the magazine unless it is placed in a sealed cover (according to I can think back to plenty of covers that featured celebrities practically naked and they weren't sold in plastic wrap. Think back to Ciara's 2008 nude Vibe cover, Britney and Christina's Rolling Stone covers (from '03 and '02). Do people expect certain covers to have certain type of pictures on it? RS is known for controversial covers, but does that mean people won't be outraged by it? I know nothing about Q magazine, but I feel they were giving Gaga a hard time.

Photos:QMagazine, Matthew Rolston/Patrick Demarchelier -Rollingstone, ConcreteLoop

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